Potty Train in 3 days

The No-Luck Required Guide to Potty-Training

Becky Mansfield potty trained her 4 kids in a weekend. Then her brother did it. Then her friends. She taught her clients and they did it.

This book explains how they did it, and how you can too.

You’ll Learn:

  • How to know when your child is ready and exactly how to start so you have success from the beginning. 
  • How to deal with potty training on the go (daycare, preschool, car trips or vacations). 
  • Which rewards to use and not use (you'll be surprised!) 
  • How to handle hurdles (like when your child will pee, but not poop... yep... that happens) and how to handle regression (that can happen, too).

What Others Are Saying

"It provides a complete down to earth resource for parents heading into this sometimes stressful time of potty-training."

"Super simple plan that is easy to put in action...what a lifesaver."

"This Potty Train in a weekend method is just the right blend of practical and fun and so easy to read."

"We have several friends who have used this method and they absolutely swear by it!.”

"Highly recommend to anyone, including second and third time moms who just want a better way. It is a less-stressful way to potty train."

Debra Muccio Founder, Finding Debra

Holly Homer Founder, Kids Activities Blog

Paula Rollo Founder, Beauty Through Imperfection

Alida Founder, The Realistic Mama

Lena Gott Founder, What Mommy Does

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